Is there a fully working algo that I can use as a template?

Many of the examples in the documentation for CloudQuant lite are only partial functions. Is there a whole working algorithm that I can copy and use as an example?


  • tdraughontdraughon Posts: 14

    Check out the Profitable_Strategies folder in the public scripts for “CQ_TD_Sequential_Base”.

    When using this script make user you utilize the “CLONE SCRIPT” feature.

    This example was created specifically to give a new user a fully functioning algo that could potentially be profitable. However it needs work which you
    can do.

    The comments at the top of the script explain the algo. It was derived as a TD Sequential setup as originally documented as part of the DeMark Indicators see

    There are many ways you can improve this algo and make it your own. Some suggestions are in the comments.

    This script will work with CloudQuant Lite.

    Best of Luck!

  • tdraughontdraughon Posts: 14

    We also added CQ_Basic_Bull_Momentum that can be copied or cloned.

    This strategy, which works fully with CQ Lite, checks to see if there has been a basic uptrend over a number of bars. If there has been, then it buys.

    It also demonstrates writing information to a user data file.

  • sz697888sz697888 Posts: 17

    Thanks for the answer! Will try it out for sure.

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