where is the API for the twit feed & bloomberg sentiment?

Hi, I see that the md module in the API provides the access to the ticker event etc. but I do not find those for the twits and bloomberg sentiment.
Can someone point me to the API?

Thank you.


  • shayneshayne Posts: 70

    Some documentation is being added. I have asked that this ticket is updated when ready.


  • superquantsuperquant Posts: 28

    Hi @hl87186,
    We can have a quick call to discuss getting access to this data. We have a number of research partners using it and would be happy to give you a brief introduction. As Shayne mentioned above, we are preparing some documentation so stay tuned.

  • ed854585ed854585 Posts: 22
    edited July 2017

    For now you can get access to sentiment data by importing the data files. (assuming you are using CQ Elite) Social sentiment data of a certain date is stored under the file 'ET_social_full_sentiment_story_yyyy-mm-dd.csv'. You can either read the csv file directly or register this data to event stream using register_extra_data_sources() (example here).

    FYI, there is an example strategy in the public scripts that used sentiment data called "Sentiment.Bloomberg-sentiment_appendix-strategy_1".

  • qumentaqumenta Posts: 10

    the link does not work. Where can I find register_extra_data_sources() documentation and example?

  • We have just updated a lot of the documentation for the Social Sentiment. You can find it at :https://app.cloudquant.com/#/glossary/34

    Also look at the Public Scripts section to see working examples

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