None of the sample scripts work or provide results

Hi, I was looking for a working script from the public scripts. Some scripts run with out errors but do not have any trades.
Other scripts just error out. Can you provide 1 script which has entry exit with the options/parameters to be chosen to run and an output ?
This will speed up on boarding immensely.
I can figure out the code and build on top what I need but the architecture is not very intuitive.
Please help.


  • Hi Sasanka,

    Thank you for your comment. An issue has occurred in our backtesting engine and we are in the process of trouble shooting it.

    I just reran tests on the following two scripts and they are working now:
    * Base Working Strategies.CQ_Basic_Bull_Momentum
    * Base Working Strategies.CQ_TD_Sequential_Base

    You should be able to proceed now.

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