Puzzling error during backtest

I am attempting to run a backtest where for the first three months i am only gathering the data. After about 20 days the job fails with the following error in the console ( and nothing else):
"Exception during results loading:"
Has anyone encountered anything like this before?
The submission hash is 9462709b05e99904da0124a8bcf149f5

Could this be a memory issue?


  • Either with memory or with how long it runs - is this a multiday simulation? You're doing some ML, right? These errors happen to me as well.

  • Must have been a memory issue - I reduced the size and am no longer getting the error.
    I am using multiday, even though it is an overkill - I am trying to fit a model once a month, so except for that day, the rest of the month could have been done in parallel.

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