How to upload a csv file to be used with register_extra_data_sources?

I would like to use the example for using register_data_sources in order provide some data to the strategy that I have generated outside of cloudquant. However, the only way I could find of actually getting the file onto the cloudquant system was through the Create new file menu on the User data tab - I simply copy-pasted the whole time series into the window there. Is there a way to programmatically upload a file either from my pc, or get it from an online storage?
there is a service.read_file() function but it specifically says the file should be "local".



  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246

    Algorithmically uploading files is a feature that is available, but we reserve usage on a user by user basis.
    If you have a model that is of interest to us you can get in touch and we may give you this access.

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