Listed symbols not available on exchanges

I have a script in which I am filtering out symbols that only belong to IEX exchange (exchange symbol 'Q'). My filtering appears to be working and I get a symbol universe where every symbol has'Q'.

However, when I use the IEX API to download historical data on some of the symbols (or if I just enter the symbol in their seach bar on the IEX website), IEX reports that the symbol doesn't exist. I think this is because the symbols have been delisted since.

Is there any way of filtering by symbols that are currently still trading?


  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246
    edited July 2018 is primary exchange. Q is Nasdaq
    We don't have anything that splits out symbols listed on IEX.
    Honestly, I don't believe there are any symbols LISTED on there, it is just a trading destination.
    Just checked their website and they are considering listings and are doing tests with test symbols but that is all.

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