Improved access to trade charts

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We have received a number of requests to improve access to the trade charts in users' backtests.

Our next release (due 8/14/2018) will include a number of changes to the way we display your backtest results.

New features

  • When you access the results page for a backtest, rather than being sorted by date, the backtest will be sorted by the Absolute of your Net PnL
  • When you select a backtest date the orders on that date will be sorted by Absolute Gross Profit so the biggest influencers will be at the top
  • You can now toggle the Time series chart and Scorecard on and off by simply pressing the / key (just to the left of your Right Shift key)
  • Press > and < (Shift . and Shift , ) to step through your trading days.
  • Press . and , (Period and Comma) to step through your trades.
  • We also preload the bar data for the next trade (the fetch of that data takes a few seconds to load so we felt this would improve the user experience)
  • The charts are now 50% larger
  • The color of the text at the top of the chart indicates if it was a winning or losing trade.
  • The PnL and Position Size/Direction has been added to the top of the chart.

Hopefully you will find these changes useful and they will help speed your review of your backtest performance.


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