Looking for the assistance of a coder to help code an algorithm which generates a 99% win rate

Good Morning,

After my exchange with Mr. Slade, he suggested I reach out through the forum for a partner to help code an algorithm I've been working on for a while now. I have almost no coding skills and have developed this algorithm which has generated a winning rate of 99% which obviously sounds too good to be true but backtesting it should convince any of the doubters.

Please let me know if you are ready to team up and help me code this gold mine. Your task will be the simplest as I already have everything in detail for you to code. If you're a professional on here, then this should take you no more than 30mins to code and test.

Thank you,



  • Hey there Thomas! You and I already spoke via email about this one, and I believe you had a few coders on board assisting you correct?

    I will have some time on Friday to work on the section of code that we discussed, but please let me know beforehand if you no longer need the coding done so that way I don’t waste any time.

  • Hey Thomas,
    I'm a computer scientist based in Bristol, London. I can help you out without problems. Please email me if you still want help - gouldingmarc@gmail.com

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