Percentage of ETF component symbols reporting Earnings week by week (Major ETFs - Quarter 1 2019)

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This is a breakdown of when symbols that make up some of the major ETFs declared their earnings in the first quarter of this year.

From this you can see that the majority of the Banks KBE and Finance XLF declared their earnings in week commencing Monday 1/14/2019.

This kind of overview can be helpful in making targeted models.

Making models for specific baskets of stocks and generally understanding the makeup of major ETFs is extremely important for modern trading, particularly as so many people move away from Actively Managed Funds and their costs and into Passive ETF Investment. Because of the growth in trading volume on these major ETFs we now observe that often that the tail is wagging the dog - rather than the component symbols dictating the movement of the ETF, the ETF is dictating the movement of the underlying component symbols.

Hope you find this useful!

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