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I am looking to create a hot key that sends an order out to the market to trail my remaining shares on the 5 minute 9 EMA. Is there anywhere I can go for guidance? Learning more about python currently.


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    I am not sure I understand your question.

    CloudQuant is a cloud based backtesting system. Our goal is to find people who can code profitable algorithmic trading systems in which our fund may be willing to invest.

    In doing this we make available, to anyone in the world, free Wall St grade backtesting and data facilities.

    Our system does not connect to outside trading systems. If someone develops an idea on our system and we fund it, we run the script for them.

    If your question is "how do wite a script to enter a position then make a trailing exit based on the 5 minute 9 period EMA" then you need to
    a) learn python (good job, you are already doing this)
    b) learn how our system works (watch the beginner series of videos to get yourself started
    c) write a model to enter a position then monitor the price of that stock against the EMA of interest and presumably exit when it hits it

    TALIB is a great library for calculating Trading Indicator like EMA and we have a video introduction to TALIB on our YouTube channel which, when you are able to program efficiently in Python, will get you 90% of the way to calculating the indicator you are interested in.

    Good luck.


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