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Hi everyone,

I have a quick question about job submission. I have a script which works when I specify it to run on a small number of days (as a single multi-day job). But when I increased the number of days (from like 20 to about 6 months), I got the following error when I submitted the job:

"Could Not submitjob
HTTP Code:400
Error Code: 2054
Too many jobs in submission group. Limit is 70, 393 given"

May I ask if this is merely the result of too many people currently running jobs on cloudquant ? Or something to do with my script ? My script is a very simple one, although it does try to pull out data from more than one symbol.





  • Hi James,
    CloudQuant is a parallel computing grid that has the capability of simulating trading strategies as a series of days in which positions carry overnight from one day to the next, or as a parrallel compute task in which each day is treated independently of the other froma position management perspective. That is not to say that in the later case you don't have historical price data. If your strategy doesn't need serialness which is achieved by checking the box on the submission page that says "Run as single Multiday Job", then we recommend the default setting which will unleash the full power of our computing grid on your simulation. We limit all compute tasks to 2 hours per subtask in paralell mode and for the entire task in the case of "Run as single Multiday Job" == True. To prevent cluster hogs from taking over we have also limited the number of symbol X days you can ask for in a given compute task. In your case, I believe you must have "Run as single Multiday Job" checked, however, you can simply uncheck it since you do not hold overnight positions.

    When adjust these limits over time to calibrate them to the available computing resources. If a user trips over this error they should ask and we can advise them on ways to navigate or accomodations we can make.

    Thanks for your question.

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    Guys, the reason for this error lies almost certainly elsewhere→ whenever you specify dates in the Backtests tab, a built-in JavaScript validator checks whether you have not entered a date that does not exist (i.e. 84/68/9134 or 06/06/2017 when it is 04/27/2017).
    What is does not check, though, is whether there are data for the days you want to backtest! In your case, I suppose you chose a date for which there were no data available yet - remember, it can take up to 2 days for the data to become available for backtesting; if you can't click on a particular date in that on-page calendar, there are no data for it.

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