Feature request: Stop Market Orders and Stop Limit Orders

Please, can you consider adding Stop Market Orders and Stop Limit Orders to your development queue?
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  • mgmg Posts: 13
    edited July 2017

    You should be able to replicate that functionality in a few lines of code.

    If price < exit_price
    Then send exit order

  • fg327962fg327962 Posts: 4

    Stop orders have several advantages over marker orders:

    They use less execution resources from your system.
    Stop limit orders allow limiting slippage.
    Sending stop orders ahead can increase filling priority. Important when liquidity is low
    Users of Cloudquant Lite (like myself) can't wait one minute to check the new price without increasing risks.

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  • mgmg Posts: 13

    1) Source?
    2) You can send a limit or a market order, how you route/execute the order is up to you.
    3) Source?
    4) CQ Lite doesn't have access to tick data so either way, it would fill when new bar forms. You can use the Add Trade functionality to simulate a fill at your exit price https://app.cloudquant.com/#/glossary/616

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