Suggestions for graphics/analytics capabilities to use with CQ?

I've read through all the documentation (well, skimmed through parts of it), and will go learn the basic syntax of Python as my next step (already familiar with Java, C#, Perl, and ThinkScript - so this should go quickly).

Speaking of ThinkScript - one of the nice features of building back testing "Strategies" in the Thinkorswim platform is the graphical capabilities for plotting studies (moving averages, etc.) as well as order entry/exit points. Correct me if I'm wrong, but CQ doesn't seem to have any native graphical capabilities. Data can be exported and analyzed/graphed in Excel, and a quick search shows that Python has graphics libraries. So here is my question: Are there any recommendations for graphics and/or analytic tools/libraries I should be considering as I ramp up my CQ skills?

Thank you in advance for any guidance!


  • tdraughontdraughon Posts: 14

    Hi Tom,

    You will find a number of the graphs in the reports available for downloading.

  • tw391819tw391819 Posts: 27

    Hi JD,
    Thanks! I ran one of the sample strategies and looked through the files and reports generated. Very cool!

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