More sample scripts

I would love to see more sample scripts to clone and reverse engineer. I don't care if they are profitable or note, More walk through videos would also be lovely!


  • Funny you mentioned that.
    I just interviewed a post doc candidate to write sample scripts for us. Hopefully he will be on board within the next week or two. Just need to finalize the terms.

  • some of the types of things that I would appreciate are example of the types of functions that I am already using in other platforms. For example
    - how to reference MTF indicator events. When the RSI on the Hourly crosses over the RSI of the 15MIN.
    - How to code a trailing stop based on ATR.
    - How to exit an open trade after X bars of profit, or X bars of loss or just X bars.
    - How to code Break even (moving stops)
    - how to reference multiple instruments in a single script , checking for spreads , deltas etc.
    - how to create a customer indicator.
    I could easily come up with about a dozen more things., but you get the picture.
    Any chance of getting Forex ?

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