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Paul on our product team has been rapidly building up our library of instructional videos. He is pairing these with public scripts so you can see all that he is doing.

You can find the video playlist on youtube at


  • It doesn't show how to draw minute chandlestick bars. Console can be used to print information. I want to draw a minute chart like chandlestick bars for any day. Do the simulator support it? If yes, how can I use your function to do it?

  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246


    We do not have plotting of candlestick charts as part of our web based system, we only plot the PnL output from your model.

    If you are interested in plotting your candlestick charts for your trades I suggest you set up "jupyter notebook" on your machine (there are lots of instructions online taking you through how to do this).

    Write a model that trades various symbols.
    On the exit order you can "capture" data. Capture whatever bar data you want to plot (previous daily bars OHLC or that days minute bars, Entry price, Exit price, Trigger price, etc).

    This data will all be contained in your trades.csv file at the end of your backtest.
    You can then import those trades into your python notebook and use bokeh to display that data as candlesticks.

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