draw a chart.

how to draw a minute bar chart or daily bar chart ? Does the simulator support it?


  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246

    The only charting we provide is of the PnL on the results page.

    You can always chart yourself outside the package by collecting the bar data you want and your entry and exit at the time of the exit.
    We have users who take that file and use excel to chart their trades and many who use python notebooks to analyse and chart their trades.

    To collect data at the exit, set up a dictionary and add collect=name_of_dictionary in your exit algo. something like this...

    mydata = {'Time':event.timestamp,'ATR':md.stat.atr}
    algo_sell(symbol="SPY", algorithm="market", intent="exit",collect=mydata)
  • There are also charts in the downloadable reports.
    These reports are Jupyter notebook files so you can create your own charts by modifying these files.

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