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Nice to meet you here. First big thanks to the CloudQuant. They are doing a great job to provide such a marvelous platform.

Is there any existing simple buy and hold algo available? I like to be able to (1) set up start and end time, (2) set up a group of stock symbols and (3) buy at the start time and sell at the end time.




  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246

    There is not one available..
    I did answer your timer question on your other post.

    Most trading algos/models fall into a simple set of groups..

    1. Intraday.. event driven.. the only timer involved is maybe entering at the open, exiting at the close or entering within x minutes of the open and exiting x minutes before the close.. all other decisions are event driven... symbol spiked, volume spiked.. symbol was at the top/bottom of a group of similar symbols/in the same sector...
    2. Multiday - most multiday models are less event driven, normally triggering based on longer term indicators, and so enter at a set time where they can get a somewhat predicatable price (often open or close) and exit at a set time (open or close) at most they may keep an eye on how many days they have been in a position.
    3. Multiday and even driven - Rare but not unhealthy - Same as 2 but also monitoring the positions in case they take a sudden nose-dive.
    4. Multiday and timer - not one I have heard of but if you did.. say enter at 1pm one day and exit 1pm 5 days later you could do this by popping the date and time you wanted to exit into a default dict.. I covered this somewhat on the other post.

    If you are unable to work it out, feel free to ask again, give me a little more detail ( you can do it privately by PMing me or email to and I can whip up a simple demo script.

  • gl837617gl837617 Posts: 3

    thanks I will try and will ping you if I have further questions.

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