Python / CloudQuant people needed to help Traders with strategies

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Traders who have existing strategies but do not know python need help.

If you are interested in helping traders and portfolio managers who have trading ideas we need to know.

Skills required:
* Python
* Communication (verbal and written)
* Understanding of order processing (orders, fills, rejects)
Nice to have skills:
* Algo concepts

We help pair programmers with traders. The deal you work out with each other for profit sharing is between you.

If you want us to connect you with a trader please let us know.

Please email us at: or contact us using the in-app chat.

Tayloe Draughon
Product Management at CloudQuant


  • Is this still a valid post? If so, I'd be interested in pursuing this activity.


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    We add anyone who expresses an interest to a list and whenever we get someone with an algo and no specific coding ability we bring them together. You were added to the list on your previous request J.

  • I'm interested in possibly helping. Thanks.

  • I am a Trader and I've created code for thinkorswim. I'm not familiar with Coding Python. Anyone with coding experience in both this and ToS please contact me at

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    It was necessary. Thanks..

  • Hey I am interested in this role. My email is Im based in San Francisco

  • Is this still working? I am interested and both skilled in python and couple years of trading experience.

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    @wy226745 said:
    Is this still working? I am interested and both skilled in python and couple years of trading experience.

    We occasionally get people who have an algo but no Python skills, in that case we encourage them to post in the forums. We then send an email with a link to that posting to everyone who has expressed an interest in working with someone with an idea who needs assistance. Who they choose and what the arrangement is will be between the two users.

    I have added you to the the email list.

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    I would be interested in helping traders as well.

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    I have added you to the email list.

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    I'd be interested in helping

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    cc, added you to the list.

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