Modules, Day of week, Web UI editor linting, stub modules

Hello - I am new to the QC platform and have a few beginner questions:

How can one import modules? (from my_functions import *) I tried saving a module in the scripts, but it requires a classname. The user data files are treated as plaintext (hard to edit) even if they were to be found.

How would you check for day of week in QC scripts? I was guided towards a dt_from _muts function, but I can't find it in docs or get it to work in code.

Are there plans to add better linting to the web UI editor? I am constantly getting errors (re learning some python), that could've easily been linted before backtest submission. Could save a lot of time/sim jobs.

If QC could release a stub file of the cloudquant modules, developers could code in the IDE of their choice, run with the stubs to test interoperability, then upload to QC environment and test. Is this a possibility? It would speed up the development cycle greatly.



  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246

    Hi pr

    Thanks for the feedback...

    1) importing is not available except for the default libraries ( For now you would just have to copy/pasta the code into each script. We can add them for internal users but we don't tend to do that either. We prefer all the code in the one script, it makes it easier to confirm code changes.
    2) Day of the week... I gave you the other code... try this.. it is better.
    day = dt_from_muts(service.system_time).weekday()
    print day
    3) I would also love some form of basic syntax check and a check for common errors. I personally always miss the double = on if statements. Our we developer advises it is not possible with the current editor and would require a complete changeout which is not on the cards. I have asked them to take another look at it (it has been some time since I last asked so maybe!).
    4) Again, this is available internally but external users have to operate through the web page.

    I will mention that we are aiming to lauch, very shortly, a new product called CQ.AI which I think you will find a much more flexible approach to research. It is a less event driven and more open ended approach to the data. Keep an eye out.

    You can always hit me up with questions via the help button in the bottom right during market hours.


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