Graphs/information are missing from the strategy results page

kc975943kc975943 Posts: 55
edited April 2019 in Report a Bug

For some reason none of the strategies summary pages, completed or not, show equity curve graphs or any summary information -- basically the whole upper half of the page is missing. All i can see is the lower half with the table of daily results. Is it just me, or did something change in the past few hours (i was still able to see graphs and summaries earlier this AM)?


  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246

    My last run last night was ok, I just ran one this morning and it looks ok. Are you still seeing an issue?

  • kc975943kc975943 Posts: 55

    Surprisingly, only on the Windows -- on Linux i don't have this problem (usually, it is Linux that is in the dog house). So, consider it non-issue then. Thanks for checking.

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