How to print data from account position?

Hi all,
Trying to figure out how to capture the time from this print statement? Is this a nested tuple? No matter what syntax I try I cannot print just the time.

self.entry_time = account[self.symbol].executions

[Execution(symbol='AAPL', side=1, shares=100, price=441.4800109863281, time=1596463140023700, collect={'__bid': 441.38, '__ask': 441.48, '__bid_size': 2, '__ask_size': 2}, order_id='0000000000000001', clordid=None, instruction_id='aea310d9-c232-54d3-ab88-050ae0040124', script_id='3084292c-b49b-45c9-8e0a-1f8f96037dc9', user_key='aea310d9-c232-54d3-ab88-050ae0040124')]565


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