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It looks like if there is a failure during a single day in a long term backtest, a report for the entire period is not generated. Would it be possible to change the report creation logic to omit the failed date and still generate a report vs. requiring a new backtest? Thx



  • shayneshayne Posts: 70

    What is the submisstion hash? You can find it on the raw tab ... second item ... e.g. submissionHash "342057e595a1a9aeabd41e203c29fb98"

  • "de6e73f049b46d8311267a9d51583172"

    When I came back to the backtest results page, it looks like a report has been generated after all.

    Perhaps it just takes a little while to generate the report? Or a browser refresh is necessary?

  • shayneshayne Posts: 70

    the more trades you have the longer it will take

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