Other Asset Classes

Hi all,

I was wondering, are we able to access other asset classes (other than equities I mean), and if so, how? Or are we only able to backtest on equities at the moment?



  • shayneshayne Posts: 70

    Just US Equities

  • Hi David,
    We currently support all exchange traded Equities, ETFs, Closed-End Funds and equity-linked securities.

    We are interested in hearing what other asset classes interest you.

    We are considering the addition of Global Developed and Developing Markets Equities as well as Futures and FX.

    Those a big projects so we'll keep you posted.

    Thank you for your question.

  • sd545770sd545770 Posts: 13

    I will me interested in exchange traded options

  • Forex!

  • Forex please, this would bring much needed diversification to the strategy while also opening a new segment of quants who are really into Forex (like myself), do you know when this is likely to be made available?

  • Has there been any progress made towards adding different asset classes?

  • ptunneyptunney Posts: 246

    Not yet but we are actively looking at a number of Asian markets at the moment.

  • fg645399fg645399 Posts: 1

    Forex! Body is 19 characters too short.

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